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Rocio Moustafa Ventura California

Rocio Moustafa addresses gambling addiction and its consequences

Ventura, California’s Rocio Moustafa takes a closer look at the consequences of gambling addiction in the United States. Becoming increasingly prevalent in large parts of the United States in recent years, Rocio Moustafa explores gambling addiction and addresses the often profoundly troubling consequences of the condition. “Gambling addiction is capable of ruining friendships and tearing whole families […]

Rocio Moustafa

Rocio Moustafa explores symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder

Ventura, California resident Rocio Moustafa explores common symptoms among those with narcissistic personality disorder. A personality disorder characterized by an excessive need for admiration, exaggerated feelings of self-importance, and a lack of empathy for others, narcissistic personality disorder is commonly associated with a long-term pattern of abnormal and undesirable behaviors. That’s according to Rocio Moustafa, an […]